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learning from mistakes

  • The main performance evaluation mistakes

  • The main mistakes of strategic people planning

  • Major mistakes in the succession plan

  • The main mistakes in the elaboration of climate research

  • Top 6 tips from SER

  • a successful case

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Motivation at Work

  • What is motivation?

  • What are the types of motivation?

  • How to apply each type of motivation in your company?

  • What kind of motivation to apply in my company?

  • A motivated company

  • What is the role of HR in motivating at work?

  • motivational theories

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Complete Guide to eNPS

  • What is eNPS and how does it work in the company?

  • What are the advantages of doing a satisfaction survey using the eNPS?

  • How to interpret eNPS results?

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Complete Guide to People Management Software

  • What is people management software for?

  • Why should your company invest in people management software?

  • How to choose the best people management software?

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Performance appraisal guide

  • The importance of performance evaluation

  • What types of performance appraisal

  • How to do a performance review

  • How to choose the ideal model for my company

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Organizational culture

  • How values shape your organizational culture

  • What is the role of the leader and manager in building this culture

  • Why is it so difficult to implement and why is it so important

  • How to start deploying it

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Internal communication: a guide to motivate employees

  • Discover the Main Pillars of Internal Communication

  • The 4 factors that harm Internal Communication?

  • Learn how to Establish an Organizational Culture?

  • Have 4 days to improve day-to-day management?

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Performance Management

  • How often should the Performance Management cycle be carried out and why is it important

  • How to value skills and use them in different situations

  • Build a personal development plan

  • Use goals to encourage managers and employees

  • Give feedback based on developed plans

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talent management

  • What is a Talent Matrix and how does it work?

  • How to use it for personal development plans

  • Using the 12 box method that SER developed for PwC

  • Assess the risks of losing talent

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Guide on: People Management in the Company

  • Main functions of the Personnel Department (DP) x Strategic HR

  • How to improve recruitment and selection processes?

  • How to implement an integration program?

  • How to create success assessments and goals?

  • What are the best management tools?

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  • Tips for thinking about a compensation strategy

  • Deming cycle information – also known as PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) – for continuous improvement

  • A salary administration model for you to follow in your business

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People Analytics: tips for using it and improving management

  • What is People Analytics and how does it work?

  • How does the tool impact people management in the company?

  • How to apply it in PDI, training and meritocracy processes?

  • The importance of analyzing data in the enterprise

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Complete Guide to Performance Appraisals

  • To carry out 4 types of assessment, namely 180° Assessment, Self-Assessment, 360° Assessment and Performance Assessment by Competencies

  • The importance of performance appraisal and Feedback

  • How to assess only competencies

  • The impact assessments have on the business

  • How to start creating goals based on assessment

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Performance Management Guide: The Secret to Success

  • Know the real role of the leader and their obligations

  • Understand how Performance Management is linked to engagement

  • Identify the types of performance appraisal and their impacts

  • Know the importance of the analysis of indicators

  • Learn how to implement performance management in your company

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Data and Productivity understand this important relationship

  • How to measure the productivity of the company according to the type of segment to which it belongs (manufacturing, services)?

  • Brazilian culture and laws that prevent better performance management in companies

  • Using data to drive leadership, performance, communication, transparency and security

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People Analytics: Understand all about this trend

  • How did People Analytics come about?

  • How the methodology works

  • The benefits of investing in this technology

  • What is the best way to implement it in your company?

  • Cases of companies that applied the tool

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