Implements the compensation strategy for the entire organizational structure based on the positions and performance of individuals, providing an online management of compensation in terms of external competitiveness and internal consistency

Plans and monitors indicators and metrics that ensure the competitiveness of your company. Tracks the movements of individuals and groups of greatest interest to your organization

Defines throughout the organization the remuneration of people in view of performance and external competitiveness, reducing risks of disparities and discrepancies



  • Wage dispersion / dysfunction analysis

  • Analysis of external competitiveness

  • Comparisons with external and/or own salary surveys

  • Cost of Framing the Tables

  • Headcount x Cost x Quantity Tracking

one to one
  • Deliberate by leadership or HR based on performance and budget criteria

  • Automatic approval workflow

  • Communication with Folha for automatic change

  • Management of the Impact of Budget Movements

Discussion group
  • Calculation according to your variable distribution rules (Bonus / PLR)

  • Calculation rules based on the goals contract

  • Distribution can be carried out based on an amount to be distributed or on multiple salaries

  • Financial impact simulations to define the rules



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